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Personal services


Getting married abroad?

Buying property overseas?

Most translation work that goes on is for business purposes, but increasingly often private individuals (or "real people" as we tend to think of them) are moving around the world and find themselves needing translations of foreign identity documents, professional qualifications, marriage certificates and the like. We are happy to undertake this kind of work, providing certified translations which are accepted for the majority of purposes in the UK. And you will be dealing with people who have themselves gone through the bureaucratic maze of settling abroad, and the scarcely simpler tasks of coming home again!

Certified translation

Unlike many other countries, in the UK there is no formal position of "sworn" translator. For most purposes our own certification is adequate, but customers need to check their requirements carefully. If necessary we can take translations before a Commissioner for Oaths.

If you want a translation for use abroad, it may well be easier in the long run to get it done by a local translator in the place you need to use it - we will be happy to advise you if that should be the case, and to try and find someone for you from our network of world-wide contacts.

OK, how much?

For certified translation of standard documents (of not more than a page or so) from most European languages into English or most standard UK documents into Spanish we will charge a standard fee of £25 including VAT, plus P&P (£1.50 for recorded delivery of most documents). For longer documents, other language combinations, or for translations requiring notarisation or an oath, please contact us for a quote. We will also be happy to look over documents and advise you of the general nature of their contents if you are unsure whether you need translations.

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