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Terms and conditions for translation services

All translations accepted shall be subject to the following conditions unless otherwise specified at the time that the work is accepted. This applies to agency clients as well as end-clients:

  1. If we propose a deadline for a translation, this presupposes that the source text is available and the job confirmed immediately. For any deadline proposed without our having seen the text, we reserve the right to renegotiate the terms or cancel the order if it is clear that the terms originally offered are not feasible for any reason relating to the nature of the text.
  2. All invoices are payable on receipt unless otherwise specified.
  3. If an invoice remains unpaid on the due date, all other outstanding invoices to the same client shall become due immediately. A penalty charge of 5% of the sum initially due will be applied, in addition to and without prejudice to any collection costs incurred. Furthermore, for overdue invoices denominated in currencies other than pounds sterling, the client will become liable for any exchange rate risk so that the basic sum payable will be considered to be the higher of the foreign currency and sterling amounts given on the invoice.
  4. Copyright in translations produced by us as a work for hire shall not pass to the client until the invoice for the translation in question has been paid in full. Permission for reasonable normal use of the translation is granted for the period between delivery of the translation and the agreed due date for payment. The individual translators involved shall be considered to have asserted their moral rights to be identified as authors of a copyrightable work where it is published in an unaltered form.
  5. The following types of work will generally be charged on an hourly basis to reflect the additional work required:
    • Texts involving complex layout which cannot be processed automatically. This includes many documents in Excel and Powerpoint format.
    • Menus for the catering trade
    • Proofreading, revision and editing of English texts other than our own
    • Translations involving the sentence-level revision of existing multilingual texts.
    • Translations consisting of isolated words or sentences out of context (e.g. resource files for computer programs or parts lists)
    • Website work involving adaptation of code, file structures and links and/or production of graphics. Simple duplication of an existing HTML directory structures (absolute and relative links unchanged) can be handled automatically and will not incur any charge.
  6. Invoicing by the word, line or character will be on the basis of the source text length where it is supplied in an readily countable form, so that we can give a precise quotation in advance. Texts supplied on paper or by fax will be invoiced on the basis of the target length; a correction factor may be applied to the rate charged to reflect the usual difference in lengths of texts for the language pair in question.
  7. Urgent jobs which require work outside normal office hours - either on the job itself or on other commitments which have to be rescheduled - will be charged at 50% above normal rates. Source text documents which cannot be readily processed electronically (including documents received by fax, as PDF files with non-extractable text, or on paper) will be charged at 20% extra.
  8. We will happy to carry out one further review of any delivered translation to take account of factors which emerge during or as a result of the translation itself at no further cost.
  9. We reserve the right to determine for ourselves the most appropriate tools to be used to provide professional quality translations, bearing in mind requirements for speed and confidentiality in a rapidly changing technical and regulatory landscape. We will however endeavour to take account of client preferences on a job by job basis.
  10. These terms and conditions shall take precedence over any general terms and conditions of purchase of the client not subject to explicit negotiation, notwithstanding any contradictory provision therein. Any disputes arising shall be be subject to final decision by a court in England and Wales.

Payment details:

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