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Our privacy policy

We have always and will continue to treat all information which we receive in the course of our work as confidential, and do not share information with third parties except for the inevitable transmission of technical data in the course of using email and the web.

Whether or not you use our services you can contact us at any time to exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, including to ascertain if we hold any information on you, to access a copy of it, to request that it be corrected, erased or to restrict its further use.

For business clients and current and former staff of clients:

We may hold your personal information for the purposes of:
- general contact in the course of our work
- invoicing and bookkeeping
Categories of data included: names, email addresses, workplace postal addresses, tax information such as VAT numbers and business registrations, telephone numbers, IP addresses used, any information incidentally included in emails

Retention period: until requested otherwise, with a minimum of six years for information required for invoicing purposes. Mail to company addresses (info@...) is routinely deleted after seven years (we are required to keep accounting data for the previous six financial years).

Transfer to third parties: only as required for accounting purposes/compliance

For personal document clients:

We may hold your personal information for the purposes of:
- general contact in the course of our work
- invoicing and bookkeeping
- to supply additional copies at a later juncture
Categories of data: as for business clients above, and contents of personal information documents translated, copies of original source documents, a minimal record that a document of a given type was translated with enough identification data to allow a completed translation to be verified subsequently if requested by the authorities.

Retention period (policy for new clients): source document copies (scanned on the premises) to be deleted after delivery unless otherwise requested. Translated documents to be deleted or anonymised within two years unless otherwise requested (shorter or longer). Mail to company account to be routinely deleted after seven years. Record of translation kept indefinitely.

Transfer to third parties: only as required for accounting purposes/compliance. We will verify old translations to authorities to whom they have been submitted if this is ever requested.

For everybody, including non-clients:

There is a chance that we could hold personal information of any nature on anybody which has been included incidentally in documents given to us by you or by other parties for translation (or in supporting documents), for the purposes of performing that translation. Examples include names and private addresses of legal representatives in corporate contracts, details of other family members in birth and marriage certificates, or staff biographies for company websites.

We do not use this information for any other purpose or transfer it to anyone else apart from the customer who ordered the translation in the first place, except in the marginal case that the same information appears in another source document and it is matched from the translation memory.

Translated documents are routinely retained for possible future reference and re-use, both in their normal form (Microsoft Word document, etc. ) and in “dismantled” form (individual sentences in source and target languages with relevant metadata including client names, our internal job numbers, etc.) as produced by computer-aided translation software (“translation memories”) as is standard practice in the industry.

In general the retention of old translations for reference material and to ensure consistency is a fundamental aspect of the translation business. We therefore do not intend to delete this information unless we are specifically requested or required to do so. However, where documents have the potential to contain sensitive or contentious personal information we will review and deal with retained data on a case by case basis. Documents will be stored securely on our server.

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