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Hughes Communications Ltd.
88 Gertrude Road
West Bridgford

What we use

A quick outline of our computer resources, mainly for the benefit of inquisitive translation agencies and anybody else who wants to know how compatible we are. The computer setup that we use is based on a small network of PCs running Windows 7 and XP and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. The principal software that we use at present for generating documents is:

For day to day communications we use and recommend the Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird to handle mail. We also have latest and recent versions of other common browsers to check HTML compatibility. We communicate with the outside world via ADSL. We can handle most common forms of data compression using WinRAR and the standard Linux tools. Roger also messes about with a bit of programming in PHP and Perl, but you probably didn't really want to know that.

Hughes Communications Ltd

Hughes Communications Ltd: Registered Office 88 Gertrude Road, Nottingham, NG2 5DB.
Registered in England and Wales no. 4686110